The entire process of learning about the program, applying, and getting accepted was a cluster of moods in itself.  My coworkers at the paper and all of the student media center were applying, too. I really looked up to them and most of them had more experience than me.

I took several hours preparing my application, from asking people about my past articles, making audio, and sifting through hundreds of pictures. But the feeling when I got the “you’re in” email was underwhelming. I don’t know what I was expecting but I wanted more.

On the first day, I honestly was fine but I could feel this tension in the room from the other students. I never put my experience from the newspaper into perspective that it would help me. I went in as if I knew nothing and I guess that humbled me.

When the first problem arose  — all of my subjects fell through — I thought that I wasn’t going to be able to complete the project or that it was going to be terrible. After taking a break and talking to someone I could rely on, it all came back together.

The best part of this was learning the audio side. I found myself excited to be in that creative process of editing sound. That was one of my big takeaways that I wanted, learning to tell a story with sound. I have to say I gained that.

Lastly, I have to thank my mentor Laura Isensee. I’m sure everyone thinks this of their mentor, but in my most humble opinion, I had the best person for this project. She works in radio and her ability to craft a story through sound really helped me.

I am thankful for this opportunity and everything I’ve learned.