I was not expecting this high quality level of journalism work. I think I managed to control my levels of anxiety while I was exposed to this level of training because I was never the main character of the story.

Thanks to the help of my mentor Monica Ortiz Uribe, who help me understand that it’s okay not knowing some elements of your story but multitasking and speed are priceless skills that you must need to develop.

One thing that I learn for sure in this program is that I am not ready for the real world out there yet and the fact that I find out right here, will help me out to prepare myself in a more productive way.

I currently work at a money transfer place called Dolex Dollar Express. I interact with the Latino community here in the U.S. where they send money to Mexico, Central America and South America.

I didn’t know if my clients could actually teach me something that I didn’t know and It turns out they did: they teach me to listen.

For the past two years, I’ve been interacting with my community without putting too much attention to the unlimited potential for developing stories about the Latino communities and their experience in the U.S.

I have to rethink my strategy on how I will approach my last year here in UH because while in one side, I am excited that I almost finish with my degree, I don’t want to rush this process of learning more skills and test myself to be outside of my comfort zone.

I have to say being in Next Generation Radio 2017 has helped me understand that my journey will not end when I finish my school and receive my degree. I will have to keep going and challenge myself to be my best version every single time.

I want to say thank you to Next Generation Radio for choosing me to be here in this hard work week training camp, El Gato Media Network for letting me know about this opportunity and training me to continue to develop my journalism skills, and my family who has supported me to pursue my career.

Thank you.