Brionne Dunham

I am a junior at the University of Houston double majoring in media production and public relations. After studying multimedia storytelling and photography at Texas Tech, and participating in the on-campus radio show there, I’ve built on that experience at UH, studying electronic field production, nonlinear editing and public relations writing. I produce digital journalism with The Daily Cougar magazine and personal projects while I work toward my double degrees.

Reflection: No Kidding About Boot Camp

Reflection: No Kidding About Boot Camp

I’m very happy I was given the opportunity to be a part of NPR’s Next Generation Radio program. I learned so much about the technical aspects of producing and directing my own projects, and I’m overwhelmed with the experience I gained from working on the project on...

Abigail Guevara-Reyes

I’m a proud Latina and first-generation college student who aspires to make a change in the media world. My goal is to create diversity in mainstream media and to have more minorities involved in the creative process. I believe it’s important to have different perspectives to create an accurate representation of a story. I want to use my passion for journalism and media production to be a bilingual news producer and create content that is innovative, engaging and inclusive. I love to express myself through art, whether it’s making videos, photography, painting or drawing.

Ilse Hernandez

I was born in Mexico City and my parents emigrated to the United States when I was just seven months old. With the support of my family, I graduated from the University of Houston with a bachelor’s degree in media production and an associate’s degree in Spanish. The main reason why I decided to study media production is because I want to share my creativity with the public. Moreover, it allows me to create content that entertains or informs people in many communities.

Reflection: Life-changing Experience

Reflection: Life-changing Experience

Ever since I started my college career, I’ve been saying that I want to become a news producer for a renowned television network. I never imagined myself working for any other kind of industry such as radio. Today, my experience at NPR Next Generation has changed...

Dana Jones

I’ve recently started telling people that I am a storyteller instead of listing every single thing I do. The mediums in which I tell stories though are through film, photography, and writing journalism, scripts, and poems. Ever since I joined my current publication I’ve striven to take different angles and ideas to stories that are known, unknown, and underrepresented. As a military kid from Los Angeles I’ve seen a lot and I intend to have all of it rise to the surface.

Juan Mendez

I am a first-generation Latino student who cares about politics in local, state and federal government. An issue with no clear answer that interests me is the crushing reality of student debt. In these times media seems to be held to more accountability than our government.

Reflection: I’m Still Learning

Reflection: I’m Still Learning

I was not expecting this high quality level of journalism work. I think I managed to control my levels of anxiety while I was exposed to this level of training because I was never the main character of the story. Thanks to the help of my mentor Monica Ortiz Uribe, who...

Ryan Reynolds

I am a senior at Sam Houston State University and an aspiring multimedia journalist who is looking to perfect the craft of ethical journalism. I am a big sports fanatic, with all of my favorite teams being from Houston, and am also a huge video game nerd. Sports and games aside, I take school very seriously. My big goal is to graduate summa cum laude in spring of 2018.

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